26150 Eureka Rd., Taylor, MI, 48180

Everyone needs a little financial assistance now and then, and CheckSmart provides a wide range of financial services to Taylor residents, including check cashing, deferred presentment loans, and money transfers. These services are key in helping many people stay afloat in the current financial climate. Visit us at our 26150 Eureka Road location, across from the CVS pharmacy.

Once in awhile, there’s an emergency medical bill or home repair that threatens to put you under. Deferred presentment loans can help you through these situations. The process is simple: just write us a check for the approved amount, plus any associated fees. We’ll give you the cash right away and hold onto your check for 31 days, giving you enough time to get to your next payday. After that, we cash your check to pay back the loan.


Prepaid cards are another popular option we offer. For people who aren’t tied to a bank or a large credit card company, moving your money can be difficult. Having large amounts of cash on you at all times isn’t practical or safe, but with a prepaid card you can access your money conveniently anywhere Visa is accepted. When the card is running low, you can just re-load it with funds at a CheckSmart store.


Interested in learning more about what we do? Stop by our Eureka Road location to speak with a member of our team. Feel free to give usĀ  call, too, at 734-946-0672. We’re here to help!

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